Hopetown is a 1-stop shop for music production.  Both Pier and Brian are seasoned producers who can help with everything from composing and arranging to performing on multiple instruments, hiring session musicians on even more instruments, vocal production, recording, mixing, mastering and even graphics.  

Srudio A:  Features a 22' control room with 32 channels of input.  Renting this room includes all the resources of Hopetown:

  • 2,000 Sq foot live room with drum stage and Yamaha upright piano.

  • (2x) ISO Booths: 16'x12' main booth featuring mirrored audio/video from the control room for artists to social distance during Covid, and the Studio B control room doubles as an iso booth. 

  • The Studio B vocal booth which is a modular plexiglass Clearsonic booth.  This can be repositioned to isolate drums as well.

  • (6x) 16 channel headphone mixers.  Each performer can dial in their own mix that has no effect on the recording. 

  • See our complete GEAR list and SOFTWARE 


Studio B: Production suite featuring the new Universal Audio Apollo x4 interface/monitor controller.  The x4 has 4 Unison mic preamps and 2 instrument Direct inputs on the front.  This makes recording things like piano or guitar + vocals very easy.  For monitoring Studio B features Industry classic Yahama NS-10M speakers + a powered Yamaha Subwoofer. The NS-10s are over-powered by a phenomenal Bryston 4B amp.  Playback is loud and clear.  We now have both a 500 series chassis and a modular Hazelrigg/DW Fearn VLC-1 tube preamp that are both available in Studio B.  By request we can make select 500 series processors available from studio A.  The VLC-1 is an amazing audiophile swiss army knife including a licensed DW Fear tube mic preamp, instrument DI and Pultec style EQ. This is in its own rack and can float where ever its needed in the studio.


Most recently we've added video production as well.  4 Panasonic-Lumix Mirrorless cameras with a variety of lenses all wirelessly stream to our SlingStudio Video Hub.  Live streaming is available (Facebook, Youtube).  We have backdrops and camera lighting for podcasts, interviews and pitch videos.  Our main live room has a PA and multiple stage lights for shooting "live in the studio" 

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