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Hopetown Sound was started in January 2011 by Producer/Engineer/Musician Pier Giacalone.  A 25+ year veteran of the recording industry,  Pier opened his first studio in Manhattan in 1996.  After moving to Doylestown (Carversville specifically) with his family in 2008 from NYC, Pier set about getting back into the studio world - this time in a 3,000 square foot building  just behind his house.  

Pier ran Hopetown out of this wonderful location for 11 years, however in June of 2022 the property was sold and the lease was lost and Hopetown had to be packed up and moved. 

Pier is currently operating a temporary smaller operation across town (still Doylestown PA).  The control room and equipment are all the same but for the moment we are without the expansive live room.   The goal is to carefully select what will hopefully be the last move for Hopetown, a place we can settle for the foreseeable future.   

Chuck Treece
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