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Pier Giacalone (Hopetown Owner/Producer/Engineer/Musician)

Pier opened his first studio in NYC in 1996 and has since worked with artists such as Regina Spektor, Sloan Wainwright (sister to Louden, Aunt to Rufus), Zayn Malik, Justin Guarini - Philly hometown heroes like Stephan Hayes (The Good Problems, Stargazer Lilly), Mike "SLOMO" Brenner, Matt Duke, Nalani & Sarina and many more.

Pier's musical experience started with playing guitar from the age of 7, studying classical, rock, jazz and then finally earning a BFA in studio composition from the conservatory at Purchase College - SUNY.  Pier also was the Music Director of a band with his wife Jennifer in NYC from 1996-2006.

Pier's greatest strength in the studio has always been his musicianship.  This shared perspective with artists has been invaluable in navigating recording and offering more than just solutions to problems, but also new colors/flavors/choices that can help artists grow in the process.

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