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API "THE BOX 2" Analog Console (24 CH)
SSL X-Desk Analog Console (8 CH + 4 FX)​

SSL UC-1 Hardware Plug-in Controller


PMC Two Two 6  Nearfields  + JBL Sub

Quested V2108 (powered)

4x Mackie SRM-450 (Live Room)

Behringer Powerplay 16ch Digital HP Mixers

Headphones:  Sony 7506 (x3), ATH-M50x

Sennheiser HD650, HD380Pro (x3), HD280Pro

API Console


1 Flea 47 (F47 Capsule)

3 Hazelrigg Custom C12 Tube

1 Neumann U87ai

1 Sony C-48 (vintage)

1 AEA R88 mk2 Stereo Ribbon

1 Royer R121 Ribbon

2 AKG 414 B/XLS

2 AKG 451b

2 Sennheiser ME 2 Lavalier

4 Sennheiser MD421​

1 Yamaha SKRM-100 SubKick

3 Audix D6

2 Audix i5

1 Shure SM7/b 

2 Shure SM81

1 Shure Beta 91A

1 Shure Beta87a​

4 Shure SM58​

4 Shure SM57


Bucks County Drum Co 5pc 10/12/16/22"

Bucks County Drum Co Snare Maple 6.5"

Bucks County Snare Grenadilla/Ash 5.5"

DW5000 Kick Pedal/5500D HH

Zildjian K Cymbals/Hats

Roland TD10 (new Kick/Hat) E-Kit

Various Percussion

Custom Cajon (Patrick Landis)

(Congas/Bongos, Trunk of toys)

rack pultecs.jpg


32 Chan Lynx Aurora(N) Converter

Lexicon PCM 92 (96k Multi FX Rack)

Lexicon MPX-1 (Multi FX Rack)


Stereo DW Fearn VT-2 Tube Preamps

2 Hazelrigg/Fearn VLC-1 Preamp/EQ/DI

8 Ch API 312 Mic Preamps (Console)

2 Chandler LTD TG2 Abbey Road Preamps

2 Great River MP-2NV (Neve Preamps)

4 BAE 73MPL Mic Preamps (Neve) 500 Series

8 Chan ISA828 Focusrite Preamps


Stereo Chandler Curve Bender Mastering EQ

2 Audioscape EQP-A Pultec Tube EQs

2 Hazelrigg VLC-1 Tube (Pultec Style)

500 Series (16 ch):  

    2 API 550A (3 Band) Parametric EQs

    2 API 550B (4 band) Parametric EQs

    4 API 560 Graphic EQs

    6 BAE 73EQL EQs ( Vintage Neve)

    2 H2 Audio Helios 5011 EQs


Stereo DW Fearn VT-7 Tube Compressor

Stereo EL7x FATSO (Stereo Tape Sat/Comp)

2 EL8x Distressors (w/Brit Mods)

2 Purple MC77 FET Compressors

2 "LA2a" Audioscape Opto Tube Comp

500 Series:

    2 API 527a 

    4 Purple Action Comps (FET)

    SSL G-Comp Stereo Buss Compressor

Audioscape "Classic DI W/Load Control"

2 Radial J48 Active DI

4 Radial JDI Passive DI (Jensen ISO)

4 Cloudlifter CL-1 Inline Pre

1 Sans Amp Bass Driver (DI)



Yamaha P22 Upright Piano

Nord Electro 6D 73

Native Instruments Kontrol S61 Mk3

Yamaha P85 - 88 Note Weighted

Casio Previa - 88 Note Weighted



Martin HD-28e "Retro"

Epiphone Hummingbird 12 String

Taylor 612c

Taylor 114ce

Yamaha GC12C (Classical)

Gibson A-2 (circa 1919) Mandolin

Gretsch Broadkaster Special Banjo

Gretsch Honeydipper Resonator

Kuloa Concert Ukulele


Les Paul - Custom 1979

Stratocaster - American Professional

Telecaster - American Special

Gretsch - 5420T Hollow Body

Luthier SSH Strat - Stephen Marchione

Fender '96 Precision Bass (USA)

Gretsch Synchronmatic Lap Steel



UA OX - Guitar recording system

Mesa Boogie Mark V 90 Watt Head

Marshall JTM45 Plexi 50 Watt Head

Fender Twin Alessandro Handwired

Fender Deluxe '65 RI/Jensen Alnico

Vox AC-15 C1 (Celestion V)

Mesa Rectifier 2x12" Cab (V30)

Marshall 1960a 4x12" Cab (GT75)

Ampeg Vintage B-15N Bass Amp

Hartke 3500VX 4x10 Bass Combo

Roland KC200 Keyboard Amp


Mac Studio M1 Max: 10 Core, 32 Core GPU

16 Core Neural Engine 64g RAM

14TB OWC Thunderbolt Audio HD

240g SSD Thunderbolt Sample Drive

2TB SSD for Komplete Ultimate

UAD2 PCIe in Thunderbolt Chassis (14 cores!)


Boss ES-8 FX Switching System

Origin Revival Drive (compact)

(2) Eventide H9 (MAX)

Strymon Sunset (Dual Over Drive)

Strymon Iridium IR Amp/Cab SIM

Behringer SF300 Super Fuzz

TCE Chorus/Flanger Gold

A/DA Flanger (RI)

Digitech Whammy Pedal DT

EHX Big Muff Pii (Over Drive)

Xotic Boost (clean)

Wilson Vintage Spec Rippah Wah

Neo Instruments Ventilator II

Ernie Ball Volume Jr

Peterson StroboplusHD Tuner


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