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New Speakers!

PMC TwoTwo 6 Monitors!

The PMC TwoTwo 6 active monitors feature the company's patented ATL bass extension technology as well as digitally controlled active crossovers. 

These speakers follow decades of audiophile development by PMC, but they also marked a big step up from their previous series in efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.  We're thrilled to have these fantastic mastering grade monitors.




Pier started a new podcast!


Pier is hosting a new audio-related podcast on Itunes (and here on the website).  The focus is on music production - for aspiring producers, engineers and musicians.  Look forward to upcoming interviews.  Please subscribe and participate on social media.

Studio B Upgrades!

New Booth and Speakers for B!


Studio B got some major upgrades in December!  It finally has its own vocal booth and it is now sporting the industry standard Yamaha NS-10m speakers, driven by a beefy 250W per channel Bryston 4B amp.  Monitoring is rounded out by a Yamaha active subwoofer.

All of this compliments the recent addition of the just released UA Apollo x4 interface.  The x4 has 4 "Unison" mic preamps which can physically model sounds from Neve to SSL, Helios, Manley and more. The x4 also has 4 Cores of DSP to run the industry leading UAD plug-ins.