Popstar Zayn Malik (One Direction) recently filmed his appearances in the video for his duet with Ingrid Michaelson "To Begin Again" at Hopetown!  In less than a week since the video's release it has 3 million views and counting....

We celebrate Stephanie Campbell winning this month's John Lennon Songwriter Contest with her debut single! 

New Music Completed:  IllinoisThe Slidewinder Blues Band, Greg McGarvey, SOLOW, Stephanie Campbell

Currently Recording: Rob Addixx, Matt Freedman, Parlour Magic, Slidewinder Blues Band, Steve Ernst, Alix Paul, James Popik, Blue Wave Ramblers,        

New Additions:  Chandler LTD Curve Bender Stereo Mastering EQ, Yamaha GC12C Classical Guitar, Audioscape V Comp Vari-Mu Tube Comp, (2x) Helios 5011 EQs, Strymon Irridium IR Amp/Cab Sims.