• Popstar Zayn Malik (One Direction) recently filmed his appearances in the video for his duet with Ingrid Michaelson "To Begin Again" at Hopetown!  In less than a week since the video's release it has 5 million views and counting....

  • We celebrate Paul Boddy & The Slidewinder Blues Band being in contention for 2 Grammys this year!

  • New Music Completed:  Black Cat Habitat, Steve Ernst, End of the Innocence  

  • Currently Artists Matt Freedman, Slidewinder Blues Band, Ciara Constance,  James Popik, Blue Wave Ramblers, End of the Innocence, Doc Silver, Arun Paul

  • New Additions:  API "THE BOX 8" Analog Console, SSL UC-1, Flea 47 Microphone (F47 Capsule),, (2) Audioscape EQPA EQs