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Studio B

Studio B is designed to be a smaller room where artists and producers can do everything from simple recording, editing, mixing, to more involved electronic music production.  The cost is lower but the quality of the gear is still cutting edge professional, there's just less of it.  That said, we've made a point of downloading every last bit of sound content that comes with the DAWs in this room.  We've also been able to install our full library of Plug-In Alliance content which includes over 100 titles of some of the best plug-ins and virtual instruments around. 


In addition, the B room has access to all of our 75+ UAD plug-ins (4 Cores of DSP).  The UAD library specifically includes multiple "UNISON" preamp emulations that can be used in conjunction with the Apollo interface. So the Neve 1073, 88RS, SSL 4000k, Manley Voxbox, Ampeg Bass amps, Fender and Marshall Guitar amps, all actually control the physical impedance of the Apollo inputs - so they react like the real amps with mics and guitars. Keyboards like our Nord Electro 6D can be plugged into the stereo hi Z inputs on the Apollo and directly feed amp sims as well.

Please reach out to Chris Radwanski (studio manager) with any booking or other questions regarding this new room.


2018 3.6ghz Quad i7 Mac Mini, 32g RAM Apple 27" Monitor

3TB USB-C Audio Drive

500g SSD Sample Drive


UAD Apollo x4 (4 Mic Pres) 12 Outs


Pro Tools 12 (2019)

Logic Pro X  

Ableton Live 10.1 


Final Cut Pro X

Apple Motion 


Novation Impulse 61 MIDI 


KRK Rockit 

Yamaha HS5

Yamaha HS8 Subwoofer

Various Headphones